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I (BForns) started creating cheesecakes as a hobby when I was about 13 years old. It started one day as a crock pot cook book my mom had was laying open and they had a recipe for an orange cheesecake and I thought, "how stupid is it to cook a cheesecake in a crock pot." At the same time I was challenged to try it. The first cheesecake I ever made cracked and you can believe my cocky self was not okay with that! So I tried again and that was all it took. What started as a hobby exploded a few years later into almost a daily adventure for me!

There have been many ups and downs in the 306cakes adventure. The pace 306cakes was going combined with other factors in life led to a halt. 306cakes was always a chance for me to be creative and have a lot of fun highlighting some unique talents! Eventually I let it get to be too much and even though I had help along the way to try and keep up, it became an escape and took over my life.


The last couple of years 306cakes has taken on an overhaul while igniting the original drive of being creative and just having fun doing so... while also giving more focus to other important parts of my life and balancing it all out a lot better.

JRozzy- my partner and best friend - has added a lot to my life but not only that, she also become a huge part of what makes 306cakes what it is today. Without having JRozzy come in to not only my life but my kitchen and really take on a role helping with every aspect of making the cakes - I can honestly say 306cakes wouldn't be happening today. She lit the fire and has helped out every step of the way over the last 1+ years. She now bakes more of the cakes than I do and has started to add her flare to the decorating and overall persona of 306cakes! Now the creative and fun involves the two of us and I couldn't be happier to have her by my side... or in all honesty, be her assistant ;)

One of the life long goals I(BForns) have is to create as many smiles as I can, turns out making cakes also makes a lot of smiles! Although it would be nice to make cakes for everyone all day, everyday, our life requires a healthy of balance of making cakes but living our best life outside of the kitchen! Food and baking are definitely a passion we both share. but, sports, being active, spending time together, travelling and being with family and friends will remain a big part of our lives! Making the most smiles we can is something we will always strive to do, but now it starts and ends with smiles on our faces and in our hearts, as that is the best way to help create other smiles! We are lucky to both share a passion to spread happiness with the use of the cakes.

We are absolutely honored to try and meet all the cake needs, but we know we won't always be able to do so- we will still try! Whether someone wants a cake for breakfast, lunch or dinner or the always deserving cheat meal, 306cakes wants to be a part of it! 

We will still try to raise money for local charities and great causes throughout the year and support donations as we can, but likely won't be able to participate in every opportunity that comes to us. 

Thanks for follow and the read. Happy to have a cakefam out there that supports us and can share in this cheesecake dream that seems to evolve and become more and more everyday!

bforns & jrozzy


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